Communication Infrastructures – the Backbone of Our Modern World

Mer Group provides innovative communication infrastructure solutions designed for operators, broadcasters, municipalities, and governments. With the goal is to enable reliable high-speed wireless (5G) networks and cable TV, we specialize in designing, deploying, and maintaining fiber optic networks, which provide fast, reliable, and secure internet services to homes, businesses and public facilities.

Fiber Optics

As part of our commitment to innovation and excellence in communications infrastructure, we focus on deploying fiber optic networks. Our goal is to provide fast, reliable, and secure internet services to a wide range of customers, from private homes to businesses and public facilities.

Rotal Networks: Home for Fiber Optic Infrastructure

Through our subsidiary, Rotal Networks, we design, deploy, and maintain fiber optic infrastructures using micro-trenching technology, which enables the installation of fibbers utilizing an advanced method without interruptions to traffic during the execution of the work.

The importance of fast and reliable connectivity

In this modern world, fast and reliable connectivity is paramount, which is why we invest considerable resources in planning and executing fiber optic deployment projects. This process includes constant detection and testing of new technologies to ensure that we provide the best solutions to our customers.

Fiber Optic Benefits

The fiber optics we deploy enable data communication at the highest speeds, ensuring reliable and broadband communications. This allows our customers to enjoy fast, smooth and reliable internet access without any worries of interruptions or speed slowdown.

Securing our networks

In addition, we focus on securing our networks. In an era where cyber threats are becoming more and more common, protecting our customers’ sensitive information is our top priority. We implement advanced information security protocols to ensure that the data that passes through our systems is best protected.

Rotal Networks and Turnkey Projects

Rotal Networks, which has over 30 years of experience in establishing communications and television infrastructures, carries out turnkey projects, including the design and construction of communication networks using fiber optics, which enable increasing the use of IoT applications for significant growth in the economy’s development.

Wireless networks

Development of advanced wireless networks

As part of our MER Group activity, we devote considerable thought and resources to the development and establishment of advanced wireless networks. Our goal is to ensure that our customers – both in the public and private sectors– can enjoy fast, reliable, and uninterrupted connectivity, anytime, anywhere.

Cooperation with mobile network operators

In recent years, we have focused on collaborating with the world’s leading mobile network operators to deploy 5G technology at existing 4G sites, including site engineering, installation of 5G equipment, and network optimization.

Global standards and construction quality

Our towers meet the strictest global building and safety standards, including ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, ensuring long-standing durability and a fast and simple installation process.

Advanced manufacturing technologies

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest technologies, including robotic welding, plasma cutting, and CNC machining, enabling us to produce steel products at the highest quality levels.

A wide range of towers

We offer a wide range of towers, from three meters to 140 meters, and in various configurations such as three legs, four legs, masts, monopoles, or roof solutions, allowing us to tailor the perfect solution to any project and any need.

Holistic end-to-end solutions

In addition, we offer holistic end-to-end solutions, including civil engineering, operations, optimization, and control and management. Our services include surveys and interviews with key people, web planning and design, network deployment, operational management and support, and network optimization for maximum coverage and reduction of carbon footprint through integration of solar energy systems and other cost-effective mechanisms.

Our commitment to quality, stable construction, and advanced designs, together with the ability to manufacture and supply a wide range of towers in short times, continues to position us as a leading player in the wireless communications market.

Internal communication systems for buildings and sites

The commitment to innovation in communications infrastructure

We at MER Group pay special attention to the development and establishment of internal communication systems for buildings and sites. Our motivation is driven by the understanding that reliable and strong connectivity is not only a convenience, but also a basic need, for both residents and businesses.

Switching to a basic Internet connection

Modern buildings and public sites require advanced communication systems that can support a wide range of services, including telephony, video, access control, security and more.

Personalization of communication systems

We focus on understanding the specific needs of each customer and design the system accordingly. This includes precise planning of the infrastructure and the selection of the most suitable technologies.

System Security

In an era when cyber and physical threats are becoming more common, the protection of information and the people using the system is paramount. This is why we implement advanced security technologies.

Ongoing maintenance and support

Finally, the importance of ongoing maintenance and support does not go unnoticed. We provide professional maintenance and support services to ensure the systems function in the best possible way.


MER Group leads with innovation and excellence in the field of communication infrastructures, with a special emphasis on the development and establishment of fiber optic networks, advanced wireless networks, internal communication systems for buildings and sites. The company offers integral solutions tailored to the unique needs of each customer, ensures reliable, fast, and secure connectivity, using innovative and advanced technologies. The commitment to security, maintenance and ongoing support ensures customers enjoy quality and reliable services anytime and anywhere, while supporting the evolving needs of modern society and the digital economy.