In today’s digitalized world, cybersecurity is an essential part of any organization’s security apparatus. mer Group supports organizations, institutions and critical sites in developing and maintaining a high level of cybersecurity. mer’s cybersecurity solutions involve sophisticated technological tools and innovative operational concepts that provide a layer of protection against all kinds of cyberattacks.     […]

Border Protection

Border security is one of the main security challenges faced by many countries in this modern era. In a world where open borders can be a gateway to cross-border smuggling, terrorism and criminality, the need for advanced security systems is higher than ever. Mer Group, with its broad expertise and experience, leads the way in […]

Cyber Training

Cybercrime and cyber terrorism are a growing threat to organizations of any kind. The main cyber threats that every organization faces include theft of funds or of identities of clients, employees or users; theft and sale of proprietary data to competitors or other criminals; and large-scale attacks that may involve mass fraud. Research shows that […]

Intelligence Training

Contemporary security threats are constantly shifting; terrorists and criminals establish new groups and coordinate their attacks globally, as technological advances allow them to communicate secretly and hide their operations. To succeed, security organizations must establish a process of constant learning and improvement that ensures their personnel utilizes the latest and most effective intelligence collection and […]

Wireless Networks

In the past four decades, MER Group has become internationally recognized for its wide range of telecom towers, which are used for cellular communication, internet services, radar, in-building radio, microwave links and more. MER is supporting the telecommunication ecosystem through one of the most rapidly changing and dynamic periods any industry has seen.   The […]