Wildfire Detection and Response

Innovative, holistic solution to one of the most urgent and complex environmental challenges.

In recent years, there have been record-breaking wildfire seasons across the world – from Australia to the Arctic to North and South America.

The wildfires are not only becoming more frequent and more intense – destroying forests, entire ecosystems and communities – but also exacerbating climate change by contributing significant greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere.

With global temperatures on the rise, the need to reduce wildfire risk is more critical than ever, according to the United Nations Environmental Protection agency.

Recognizing the urgency, MER Group has developed a holistic solution, which includes:

  • Long Range Cameras: Dual camera system (visual and infrared) that spots smoke or fire from up to five kilometers away, with a 98% detection rate.







  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Military-grade software that utilizes machine learning for classification of wildfires, as well as tracking of people during search and rescue operations.







  • Drones: Remotely operated UAS that can fly to a range of 150 kilometers for up to 55 minutes and carry up to four fire extinguisher balls.
  • IoT Sensors: Solar-powered IoT sensors that are placed within a forested area to monitor the microclimate (temperature, humidity, air pressure) and send alerts at the first signs of fire or smoke.









  • Air Pollution Monitor: Designed for ultra-low power consumption (operating on batteries for up to 10 years), this monitor was built for industrial applications and is deployable in any harsh indoor or outdoor environment.


Holistic, Customized, Flexible

Tackling the growing threat of wildfires requires a solution that is both holistic and customized to local needs and requirements.

MER Group works with governments, municipalities, national forest authorities and local emergency response organizations to understand their unique needs.

Furthermore, since both the climate conditions and the technologies are constantly evolving, MER Group’s experts and engineers constantly improve the strategies and countermeasures, to ensure they are truly effective in both detection of fires and real-time response.


Pilot Project In Chile

Widespread fires, which have been raging in the region of Araucanía in south-central Chile since February, have burned more than 430,000 hectares and resulted in the loss of 24 lives, prompting the government to declare a state of emergency.

For Chile, which has been suffering from a mega drought since 2010, finding sustainable solutions to address the fire threat is a national priority.

MER Group Chile is currently implementing a pilot project in Araucanía.

The MER team is installing IoT sensors on trees to improve detection and early warning capabilities, and also deploying #communication networks in the region to enable better connectivity and improved warning systems: