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TechMER, a member of the MER Group, launched its new Modular Vehicle Intercom System (mVIS) for armored vehicles, at ISDEF 2019


mVIS (Modular Vehicle Intercom System) is the next generation of military-grade integrated communications system for armored and command & control vehicles. An IP-based radio system (RoIP) that unifies internal and external communications, distributing it to the individual users within the vehicle and throughout the chain of command, mVIS allows tactical ranks on all fronts to speak to each other directly, continuously and securely.

TechMER’s innovative RoIP integrated communications system enables smarter, more effective use of ACV communications systems and new operational capabilities, supporting the modern battlefield’s tactical communications requirements, by enabling connectivity across the various ground forces, under the command and control of headquarters and rear command posts.  

According to Itzhak Schwartz, TechMER CEO “With mVIS integrated communications system, forces can enjoy the benefits of a dynamic tactical RoIP network that enables direct connectivity between operational forces independent of mediators, and supports real-time collaborative decision making.  Over the past 20 years TechMER has supplied communication systems for Merkava Mk4 tanks and military forces across the world, leveraging the vast operational and technical knowledge it has acquired over the years, to design the next generation ACV communications system, mVIS.”  

The breakthrough technology developed by TechMER in Sderot has resulted in a flexible, dynamic and highly redundant RoIP network, suitable for rapid deployment on all vehicle types.

mVIS was officially launched at the 2019 ISDEF Exhibition, showcasing the system’s modern user interfaces, designed for smartphone-generation soldiers.

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