Vehicle Communication System

MER Group’s field-proven communications solutions for tanks and command vehicles, tailored to the modern combat environment, enables reliable internal and external communications with individual users throughout the chain of command.

In the rapidly evolving combat landscape, the modular vehicle intercom system (mVIS), a military-grade integrated communication system for military vehicles, is an essential tool as it enables the one element that has remained as central and crucial as ever – communications.

An advanced multimedia solution, the mVIS unifies internal and external communications, distributing it to individual users within each vehicle and throughout the chain of command.

MER Group – via its subsidiary TechMer – designed the mVIS as a mission-critical application, placing emphasis on durability, reliability, maintainability and fault tolerance. It supports all mission requirements, conditions and scenarios and withstands the strictest military standards.

The combat-proven mVIS was developed with immediate usability in mind. Operators can easily control all communication assets, interchange roles, change priorities and override communications – giving them operational flexibility and true control.

The mVIS easily integrates with all other existing communication solutions to create a unified tactical network.

Key features of the mVIS include:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Audio feedback for blind operation
  • Multi-functional dual-role operator units
  • Individual selection and control of working radios
  • Active noise cancellation capabilities
  • Up to 16 simultaneous users and 8 radios
  • Scalable and flexible, adaptable to a wide range of platforms
  • Built-in audio recording for debriefing purposes
  • MIL Qualified: MIL-STD-1275D, 461F,810F