Recent terror attacks demonstrate terrorists’ determination to inflict pain and fear on civilian society. The threat is real and imminent. The consequences could be grave.

At MER, we are committed to protecting and preserving the security and safety of societies worldwide. As threats become increasingly sophisticated, our commitment has become even more imperative. To fulfill our commitment, we founded the Global Security Academy for security & intelligence professions.

MER’s Global Security Academy provides the highest quality training in a variety of security professions. Our roster of instructors includes local as well as international experts. Since we founded our Academy, we have diligently advanced towards setting the industry’s benchmarks and standards to which other security providers can aspire.

MER’s training programs are based on the Knowledge, Skills and Awareness (KSA) methodology, ensuring that our trainees are best prepared for their future professions and that they will go on to fulfill their security tasks successfully.

Our training programs, courses and seminars include:

  • Law Enforcement Courses
    • Police intelligence
    • Commanders
    • Surveillance officers
    • Polygraph operators
    • W.A.T units
  • Intelligence Courses
    • Case officers
    • Analysts
    • Researchers
    • Investigators
    • Interrogators
    • WEBINT / DarkNet covert 0perations
    • Intelligence interception systems operators
  • Dignitary & Presidential Close Protection Courses
    • Close protection officers
    • Combat trainers
    • Martial arts
    • Team leaders and commanders
    • Weapons & firearms
    • Tactical driving
    • Sharpshooters and snipers
    • Abnormal behavior analysis officers
    • Bomb sweeping officers
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