Training on Intelligence

We provide a variety of on-site, highly specialized training programs for intelligence and law enforcement personnel, led by experts who have years of hands-on experience and tailored to the needs of clients.

Amid increasingly sophisticated threats, MER Group is committed to protect and preserve the security and safety of societies worldwide by providing highest-quality training on intelligence for stakeholders as well as for government agents, special operation units, intelligence and counterintelligence personnel, private security firms, technology and equipment operators and other professionals.

Through in-class lectures, field exercises and hands-on simulations, our training solutions provide security professionals with the expertise required to prevent and confront threats as they arise in the real world. Our step-by-step knowledge acquisition system assures correct judgments and tactical responses when it counts most.

Our roster of instructors includes Israel and international experts, and our training programs are based on the KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Awareness) methodology, ensuring that trainees are best prepared for their future roles. The training programs, covering different aspects of intelligence, aviation, maritime, public transportation, infrastructure, crisis management and other security operations worldwide, are constantly updated in light of new developments and threats. In their training, the instructors utilize various teaching methods – such as video presentations, individual and group role play and situational exercises – to make the individual’s experience more interesting and multi-faceted, thus ensuring optimal results.

We have years of experience providing intelligence training around the world, and all of our training courses are designed to meet specific external client requirements and needs, which can be readily adapted where necessary.

Our customizable offerings include (partial list):

  • Basic HUMINT Collection Course: The trainees are familiarized with basic knowledge and skills of human intelligence operations in preparation for assignments and intelligence officers are prepared to conduct and support basic HUMINT collection operations.
  • Advanced HUMINT Collection and Operations Course: The trainees are trained in the tactics, techniques and procedures of controlled HUMINT collection in strategic and tactical environments.
  • Interrogation Course: The trainees learn to perform entry-level interrogations.
  • HUMINT for Analysts Course: The course familiarizes intelligence analysts with HUMINT collection.
  • Basic Surveillance Course: This course trains Intelligence personnel in basic surveillance and counter-surveillance operations.
  • Surveillance Detection Course: The trainees learn to detect and recognize surveillance conducted against them by hostile and non-hostile foreign entities and learn how to recognize the types and patterns of foreign surveillance teams.
  • Tactical Sensitive Site Exploitation Course: This course enables trainees to conduct a total exploitation of a tactical sensitive site to include physical and human exploitation.
  • Negotiation and Mediation for Field Operations: The trainees (military and government personnel) are introduced to principles of negotiation and mediation, giving operational intelligence officers the tools needed to satisfy conditions and requirements in varied environments.

Our Intelligence Training Solutions

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