Command & Control Centers

We design and implement Smart-M, a tailored command & control platform with advanced predictive, preventive and proactive capabilities to support governments, municipalities and emergency response forces in creating secure and smart spaces.

For more than two decades, MER Group has been a world-leading provider of command & control centers that enable visibility and clarity. Our knowledgeable teams of engineering, technology and security experts have designed and implemented government and civilian command & control centers in Israel and worldwide, including in sensitive locations (such as airports and parliaments) and for high profile events.

Our command & control centers, which can be stationary or mobile, are based on Smart-M, an IoT management platform developed in-house by MER that fuses sensory outputs and data sources to extract actionable insights for effective real-time decision making. By integrating data types and sources into a single interconnected management platform, Smart-M functions as the heart of the command & control center, providing complete visibility, enabling fast and efficient response and supporting long-term asset optimization. Smart-M has been operational for over 20 years and is constantly updated in correlation with advancing technologies.

To address the unique situation of every location/environment and the ever-changing nature of the threats, MER offers each customer tailored solutions that meet specific needs. We tie together and integrate all the relevant technologies (including sophisticated sensors, cameras and fiber optic networks) to create interconnected command & control centers that enable simple and intuitive event management and have alerting, investigation and analysis capabilities. We take pride in providing decision makers with complete situational awareness to empower them to make the right decision, quickly.

We provide holistic, end-to-end service, which includes:

  • Analysis: Intelligence reviews and detailed site surveys to ensure the command & control center we create matches specific needs and threats.
  • Design: Creation of comprehensive plan in accordance with specific requirements and industry standards, with multiple layers of control & management (up to C5I level).
  • Procurement: Selection – or manufacturing in-house – of relevant technologies such as video surveillance equipment, sensors and other complementary detection tools.
  • Implementation: Operationalization of the security plan, installation of new technologies and integration of existing technologies.
  • Training: Preparation of local forces to efficiently utilize all elements of the command & control center during routine and during emergencies.
  • Maintenance: Ongoing monitoring and updating of technologies and protection layers to ensure the command & control center remains cutting-edge and offers maximum security.

Our Command & Control Solutions

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