Safe and Smart Cities

Municipalities face numerous challenges including public safety, economics, housing, culture, social and environmental conditions. With the aim of providing advanced services to citizens and improving operational efficiency, cities are getting smarter. But while most modern cities can be positioned somewhere along the smart-city-spectrum, they are missing a very central element—inter-connectivity.

MER’s Smart Cities Approach

Data, business, security, and safety are at the focal point of modern cities. Smart systems and infrastructure are essential to ensure that it all operates smoothly.

The fast-moving Smart City race has resulted in fragmented implementation – transportation, lighting, waste management, and more are introduced as standalone upgraded services.

While each initiative is a step forward, the result is a disconnected Smart City. The missing link in this municipal technological revolution is a connecting layer that unifies the various systems and leverages cross-vertical data to derive greater insights and create smarter services across the board.

MER Group’s Smart City concept is an innovative approach, methodology, and technology that links siloed Smart City verticals to empower IoT.

Leveraging municipal communications infrastructure, a wide range of sensors and data feeds as well as our top-of the-line management platform, our Smart City solution supports a range of applications that connect all major stakeholders in the municipality. By truly integrating data types and sources into a single, interconnected management platform, our Smart City solution improves public safety and quality of life, while providing complete visibility for fast and efficient response, and smart planning that supports long-term asset optimization.

The results are groundbreaking – a truly smart, interconnected city leverages data for the benefit of its residents.

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