Safe and Smart Cities

MER Group provides municipalities with an innovative approach and cutting-edge technologies, including our Smart-M platform, to enable them to improve operational efficiency, deliver advanced services to residents and create safer and smarter environments.
Command & Control Center set up by MER Group in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In recent years, many cities worldwide started collecting real-time data about transportation patterns, street lighting, waste management and other municipal elements that are essential to ensure a city runs smoothly. These feeds come from different sources (such as electricity company, waste collecting company, street cameras and more) and therefore lack inter-connectivity.

MER Group’s safe and smart city solutions serve as the missing link in this municipal technological evolution, as they are a connecting layer that unifies the various inputs, thereby providing complete visibility for fast and efficient responses.

The solutions are based on Smart-M, an IoT-management platform developed by MER.

By integrating sensory outputs and other types of data from various sources into a single interconnected management platform, Smart-M functions as the heart of the municipality’s command & control center, providing complete visibility and enabling fast and efficient response.

Smart-M has been operational for over 20 years and is constantly updated in correlation with advancing technologies.

Cybersecurity for Cities

MER, which has expertise in cybersecurity for critical infrastructure such as airports, has gained experience in design and implementation of advanced cybersecurity solutions for cities, as part of the company’s Safe & Smart City solutions.

MER has the know how to strengthen a municipality’s abilities to detect, understand and resolve incidental or malicious cyber threats.

MER’s highly skilled engineers and security experts select and smoothly integrate for a municipality new technologies and systems to identify suspicious activities and fend off sophisticated attacks.

Customized Solutions

MER’s safe and smart city solutions are tailored to the specific needs of every municipality. The results are groundbreaking – a truly intelligent, interconnected city that uses data for the benefit of its residents.

MER makes it possible for cities across the world to improve public safety and quality of life and to conduct smart planning that supports long-term asset optimization.

Safe and Smart City Solutions

Safe & Smart City – Rishon Letzion, Israel

Safe & Smart City – Lod, Israel

Safe & Smart City – Lo Barnechea, Chile

Safe & Smart City – Buenos Aires, Argentina