Emergency Response Management


Emergency Response Management

While not all terror attacks may be avoided and natural disasters cannot be prevented, their overall impact can be significantly reduced through effective planning and customized technologies. MER Group provides emergency-response forces worldwide the operational plans and the technologies they need to succeed at their job. Whether it’s first responders arriving on site, police officers […]

Safe and Smart Cities

In recent years, many cities worldwide started collecting real-time data about transportation patterns, street lighting, waste management and other municipal elements that are essential to ensure a city runs smoothly. These feeds come from different sources (such as electricity company, waste collecting company, street cameras and more) and therefore lack inter-connectivity. MER Group’s safe and […]

Fiber Optics

Fiber optic networks have revolutionized the telecommunications industry because the internet bandwidth they allow is much higher than that of networks based on copper or metallic cables, and they are also more secure, as it is nearly impossible to penetrate them with surveillance equipment. MER Group, which has decades of history manufacturing, installing and maintaining […]