Vehicle Communication System


Vehicle Communication System

In the rapidly evolving combat landscape, the modular vehicle intercom system (mVIS), a military-grade integrated communication system for military vehicles, is an essential tool as it enables the one element that has remained as central and crucial as ever – communications. An advanced multimedia solution, the mVIS unifies internal and external communications, distributing it to individual […]

Maritime Communication System

Relying on decades of experience in setting up tactical communication systems for the Israeli navy, MER Group developed the maritime communication management system (mCMS), which enables communications interoperability between naval platforms that are cooperating in the same area. For naval forces, coast guard and civilian maritime platforms, mCMS is an essential tool, as it makes […]

Indoor Communication Systems

Utilizing years of experience with diverse communication technologies, MER Group has developed an all-in-one, customizable system to provide reliable wireless internet and cellular coverage to office and residential buildings, parking areas, warehouses, tunnels and other indoor facilities and their surroundings. The indoor communication solutions MER delivers are intelligent, future ready and easy to manage. The […]

Critical Infrastructure

Facilities and sites that contain or manage electricity, water, public transportation and natural resources are crucial for the functioning of both societies and economies. MER Group provides end-to-end security solutions such to facilities and sites to ensure they are protected from terrorism, criminal threats and environmental disasters. MER’s knowledge and expertise in securing critical infrastructures […]

Command & Control Platforms

For more than two decades, MER Group has been a world-leading provider of command & control platforms that enable visibility and clarity. MER’s knowledgeable teams of engineering, technology and security experts have designed and implemented government and civilian command & control platforms in Israel and worldwide, including in sensitive locations (such as airports and parliaments) […]