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Modern society has grown increasingly dependent on services such as electricity, water and gas. Industry, commerce and public facilities would not function without them. This dependency is constantly challenged by the vulnerability of these critical infrastructures, which are threatened daily by natural disasters, accidents, mechanical failures, criminal or terrorist activities, and more.

Our 360° Security Solution is intelligence-driven, with a clear focus on early detection and prevention, and is based on precise planning and implementation of layered security systems that allow for centralized control of national facilities.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts, brings rich, varied experience and a proven track record in securing a diverse range of assets, from a single facility to complex nation-wide infrastructures; supporting governments and organizations as they protect their most critical infrastructures and secure the services society requires.


Integrated security
and surveillance systems for
the 5 th Summit of the Americas
(Trinidad &Tobago)
Integrated security and
surveillance systems for
the 14 th Sommet de la Franophonie
including TVRA and CONOP
Command & Control and
an integrated
security system for
for the Athens Olympics
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