Maritime Communication System

MER Group’s integrated naval solution ensures reliable internal and external communications on-board various military and civilian vessels, from patrol boats to submarines to destroyers.

Relying on decades of experience in setting up tactical communication systems for the Israeli navy, MER Group developed the maritime communication management system (mCMS), which enables communications interoperability between naval platforms that are cooperating in the same area.

For naval forces, coast guard and civilian maritime platforms, mCMS is an essential tool, as it makes it possible for them to overcome geographical barriers and communicate directly with each other even if they are using different communication assets or working on varying frequencies. The array of inputs is routed to the mCMS, enabling commanders and crew to use various communication assets simultaneously.

This holistic, integrated solution, which can be tailored to each user’s operational needs, includes the following benefits:

  • Secure crew communications
  • Multiple radio access interoperability
  • Simple and intuitive operations
  • Extended radio coverage
  • Improved flexibility
  • Enhanced reliability

Maritime Communication Solutions

Combat Vessels


Fast Patrol Boats

Search & Rescue Vessels