In-Building Communications

We design, deploy and maintain indoor communication systems to meet the growing demand for internet services and support public safety in emergency situations.

Utilizing years of experience with diverse communication technologies, MER Group has developed an all-in-one, customizable system to provide reliable wireless internet and cellular coverage to office and residential buildings, parking areas, warehouses, tunnels and other indoor and outdoor localities. The solutions we deliver are intelligent, future ready and easy to manage.

Our expertise is in designing, deploying and maintaining distributed antenna systems (DAS), which are networks of spatially or geographically separated antenna nodes that are connected to a common source and managed through one hub.

Our offerings include MER’s interoperability system, which facilitates two-way communication between all kinds of networks (such as cellular, VHF, UHF, p25 and more) to allow emergency responders (such as firefighters, police, medical service providers and others) to communicate with each other and with people that are in the building or nearby during emergency situations.

Our In-Building Communication Solutions

New York, United States

One World Trade Center

Alajuela, Costa Rica

Juan Santamaria International Airport

Mexico City, Mexico

Felipe Ángeles International Airport

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City Subway