Homeland Security

MER Group delivers security and safety. We have two decades of experience providing operational solutions to governments, municipalities and other entities to enable immediate situational awareness and quick and efficient responses.

Border Protection

We tailor for Governments end-to-end solutions for maintaining defensible borders and preventing penetration of external threats by land, air and sea.

Command & Control Centers

We design and implement Smart-M, a tailored command & control platform with advanced predictive, preventive and proactive capabilities to support governments, municipalities and emergency response forces in creating secure and smart spaces.

Emergency Response Management

We provide first responders and rescue forces with sophisticated communication technologies and consult them on all stages of managing emergency situations to improve their abilities to save lives.

Critical Infrastructure

We provide 360° security and communication solutions to national and international sites threatened by terrorism or crime, utilizing a layered, intelligence-driven system that enables centralized control.

Smart and Safe Cities

We provide municipalities with an innovative approach and cutting-edge technologies, including our Smart-M platform, to enable them to improve operational efficiency, deliver advanced services to residents and create safer and smarter environments.