First Responders & Public Safety Communications

First Responders & Public Safety Communications

Whether it is first responders arriving on site of a natural disaster, security forces managing a crime scene, or special ops handling the scene of a terror attack; on-the-ground forces and top-level command are all required to make split-second decisions that make the difference between life and death.

Because Continuous Communications is Key

Our tailored solution provides emergency and rescue forces with the most critical element in any situation – continuous communications. With an independent high-speed cellular network and seamless interoperability between networks, on-the-ground forces are able to coordinate and cooperate in order to provide the most efficient response to any situation.

Based on extensive experience, our integrative approach combines top-of-the-line in-house products with best-of-breed solutions, and existing infrastructure and resources, to provide forces with the essential conditions they need to save lives. This includes continuous communications through an easily deployed, LTE-based private network, as well as an interoperability gateway that enables seamless communications between LTE, telephony, public cellular, radio, satellite and intercom networks.

As forces, scenarios and operational concepts vary, our products and solutions are all scalable, highly flexible, and can be tailored to any operational structure and scenario.


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Mobile C3 Platform for Military Special Ops
LTE network, interoperability with 4 radio channels, operational handsets anda full Smart-M suite
Mobile C2 Vehicle
Vehicle for Fire Fighters