Emergency Response Management

We provide first responders and rescue forces with sophisticated communication technologies and consult them on all phases of managing emergency situations to improve their abilities to save lives.

While not all terror attacks may be avoided and natural disasters cannot be prevented, their overall impact can be significantly reduced through effective planning and customized technologies. MER Group takes pride in providing to emergency-response forces worldwide the operational plans and the technology they need to succeed at their job.

Whether it’s first responders arriving on site, police officers managing a crime scene or special ops handling a terror attack, the on-the-ground forces and top-level command need to be able to communicate and make split-second decisions. Based on our decades of know-how in developing tactical communication systems for the Israeli Defense Forces and vast experience in various disaster sites worldwide, MER Group devised communication interoperability solutions that provide emergency and rescue forces with the most critical element in any situation – continuous communications.

Our innovative interoperability solutions enable seamless two-way communications between all kinds of communication assets that are usually disconnected, including radio transceivers, phone landlines, cell phones, satellites and intercom networks. As forces, scenarios and operational concepts vary, our communication interoperability solutions are all scalable, highly flexible and can be tailored to any operational structure and scenario.

Beyond improving real-time abilities of emergency responders, MER provides a holistic consulting service that addresses the pre- and post-incident phases, covering all aspects of emergency management from planning, through preparation, detection, response and recovery; we have in-depth understanding of the small details required at every stage, as well as the ability to see the bigger picture, prepare and plan ahead.

Our Emergency Response Management Solutions

First Responders Communications Interoperability