Cyber Threat Intelligence

Any organization with a Web presence works to ensure its online safety. Companies are straightening their defenses and fortifying their cybersecurity to ensure the integrity of their digital assets and protect their users.

Combining cutting-edge technology and top-level expertise, our team of cyber experts and intelligence analysts offers turnkey capabilities – monitoring, report, and management – in a single service. Leveraging revolutionary technology, our professional team gathers contextual information from multiple sources, including open-sources, endpoints, network components and the darknet, to deliver a comprehensive and actionable review of the relevant cyberthreats. This tailored report enables companies to better understand, monitor and prevent any suspicious behavior, allowing them to take a pro-active approach and transition their cybersecurity strategy from reacting to breaches to pre-empting attacks.

CATI at Your Service

Our robust, cloud-based Cyber Actionable Threat Intelligence (CATI) technology delivers the relevant information on an intuitive dashboard application, which features an innovative “Threat Meter” indicating the risk levels of current cyberthreats. It also provides integrated task management to empower teams towards remediation and threat mitigation.

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