Critical Infrastructure

We provide 360° security and communication solutions to national and international sites threatened by terrorism or crime, utilizing a layered, intelligence-driven system that enables centralized control.

Facilities and sites that contain or manage electricity, water, public transportation and natural resources are both crucial for the functioning of societies and economies and highly targeted facilities. MER Group takes pride in providing end-to-end security solutions such to facilities and sites to ensure they are protected from terrorism and criminal threats.

Our knowledge and expertise in securing critical infrastructures is rooted in our experience protecting Israel’s most important sites, which are threatened daily by terrorist and criminal activities as well as by natural disasters.

In the past two decades, our multidisciplinary team of experts has taken its knowledge beyond Israel’s borders. We have secured a diverse range of assets worldwide, from a single facility to nationwide infrastructures with multiple facilities.

Our protection systems focus on preventing attacks as well as theft or damage of expensive equipment; they can also warn about climate threats and natural disasters, and identify mechanical failures, accidents and loss of capital or productivity. The solutions we offer utilize the most sophisticated technologies and have a clear focus on early detection and prevention.

To successfully cope with the unique and ever-changing nature of the threats, MER Group’s offers each customer tailored solutions that address specific needs. Our turnkey approach means we provide a holistic, end-to-end service, which includes:

  • Threat analysis: Detailed site surveys and interviews with key personnel in order to make sure our design matches specific needs and threats.
  • System design: Creation of comprehensive security plan with multiple layers of control & management and selection of relevant technologies such as video surveillance equipment (stationary and airborne cameras), sensors and other complementary detection tools.
  • Implementation: Operationalizing security plan, installation of new technologies and integration with existing technologies.
  • Training: Preparation of local forces to efficiently handle the technologies, manage the protection system and respond accordingly in emergencies.
  • Maintenance: Ongoing monitoring and updating of technologies and protection layers, to ensure sites remain secure and to reduce operational costs.

Our Critical Infrastructure Solutions

Timna Valley, Israel

Ramon International Airport

Haifa, Israel

Port of Haifa

Pacora, Republic of Panama

La Joyita Prison




Border Barrier


Natural Gas Lines