Communications Infrastructure

In today’s world, communication is expected, anywhere, at any time, and at continuously growing rates. Communications infrastructure must constantly evolve and advance to enable this expected level of connectivity.

MER delivers connectivity. Our market-leading solutions have at the cutting edge of communication infrastructure for decades, always innovative and in line with the latest trends. Our wireless and broadband infrastructure portfolio has been implemented globally with leading telecommunication companies, mobile operators, ISPs, broadcasters, Defense, Government, Critical Infrastructures and other organizations.

with a turnkey approach that covers all stages of network deployment, from design, through planning, manufacturing, procuring, civil work, installing, optimizing, implementing and activating, to ongoing maintenance; we make sure all our customers’ needs begin and end with us. In addition, the company’s extensive footprint in Africa, Asia and Latin America allows us to offer our customers local management and support, true regional experience, short lead-time and time-to-market, as well as efficient logistics chain.