Fiber Optic Infrastructure

HD streaming, IP telephony, cloud solutions, on-line gaming and IoT devices are an inseparable and growing part of daily life, and as a result, the demand for faster, higher capacity connectivity is on the rise. The superior technology of fiber optic networks delivers robust internet and network services with much greater bandwidth and speed directly to the home or business, supporting bandwidth-consuming applications with low latency and high reliability and stability.

Turn-Key Fiber Optic Infrastructure

Our fiber optic expertise spans tens of thousands of kilometers in nationwide, complex, broadband projects across Central and South America, the Caribbean and Africa.  Equipped with experience and extensive know-how, we offer a turn-key fiber optic infrastructure service, which includes the set-up of fiber-optic backbones, metro networks, site builds and Fiber to the Home (FTTH) systems. Our innovative micro-trenching techniques support faster installations with minimal environmental impact and disturbance to the local community.

Our expert team is the ideal partner for operators looking for added-value services, from engineering, planning and design, through business development consulting, to creating new, profitable services, smart applications and security solutions.

With a turnkey approach that covers all stages of network deployment, from design, through planning, manufacturing, procuring, civil work, installing, optimizing, implementing and activating, to ongoing maintenance; we make sure all our customers’ needs begin and end with us. In addition, the company’s extensive footprint in Africa, Asia and Latin America allows us to offer our customers local management and support, true regional experience, short lead-time and time to market, as well as an efficient logistics chain.

More Value to Operators, Added Value to Users

The scalable, future-proof nature of fiber optic infrastructure delivers virtually unlimited bandwidth to homes, business and public facilities, supporting unlimited new services and capacity, to keep up with consumer and technological demands. For these reasons, a fiber optic infrastructure is essential to the development of smart cities, as they are so heavily dependent on high-speed, reliable communications for all smart city aspects – from sensors and public safety, to traffic management and smart utilities. Additionally, a unified fiber optic network also supports cellular and Wi-Fi services.


Fiber Optics Project in Zambia
Over 500 km of aerial fiber backbone



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