Modular Communications

Our communications interoperability solutions for tactical and deployed command & control centers enable seamless, unified communication across distributed communications assets, radio and telephony.

MER Group developed the modular access control system (mACS) to simplify operations of military and civilian command & control centers by enabling two-way connectivity between radio and non-radio communications assets used by different entities.

Deployable in single site or multiple sites, the mACS supports the entire chain of command with interoperability, radio relay, unify secure communication and remote connectivity with any battlefield communication assets. We designed mACS as a mission-critical application, placing emphasis on durability, reliability, maintainability and fault tolerance. This innovative technology has a user-friendly interface (the touch screen has one button for each type of task) to ensure it is easy to learn and simple to operate.

In emergency response centers, mACS is an essential tool. It makes it possible for emergency operators and dispatchers to reach any radio channel, intercom system or telephony connection (including landlines and cellular and satellite phones) because it overcomes the geographical limits of radio resources.

We provide customers with an end-to-end, holistic service, including:

  • Implementation of mACS without disrupting ongoing operations.
  • Flexibility in reconfiguration of mACS to meet changing needs.
  • Training of staff and other relevant personnel on mACS.

Our Modular Communication Solutions

Iron Dome Operator Shelter

Municipal Command & Control Centers

Emergency Response Forces Mobile Command Post