Command Center & Mobile Platform Communications – mACS

MER’s Command Center and Mobile Platform Communications System (mACS) provides interoperability between various types of communication systems and allows interconnection between radio and non-radio devices.

Frequently,  radio equipment in emergency centers are connected via mACS systems that act as radio and telephony gateways and implement voice distribution over network to operator/dispatcher terminals using VoIP Voice over IP) technology.

Using IP technologies for interconnection and interoperability means that the geographical limit of radio resources is broken, since from any location any operator/dispatcher can reach any radio channel or telephony connection.

MER’s IP-based interoperability solutions enable units to maintain their existing radio communication systems while integrating the powerful benefits of network-centric IP capabilities, enabling access to a variety of additional “non-radio” communication assets.

The MER product suite also integrates an innovative Mini Dispatch Touchscreen Console that provides for the concept and creation of a distributed Command Center.

Mini Dispatch Consoles communicate via full duplex and allow operators to access any radio or non-radio communication assets on the IP Network.

MER’s scalable and network-centric solution offers:

  • Distributed concept of operation supporting modern C4I
  • Support of radio and non-radio communications assets used by different organizations co-operating in the same area
  • “Off the shelf” family of devices
  • Implementation without disrupting ongoing operations
  • Flexibility in reconfiguration to meet changing needs
  • Short time to initial deployment
  • Controlled and phased implementation and growth

Embedded training on the “real” system


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