Collection and Analysis

Combining cutting-edge technology and top-level expertise, our team provides solutions for intelligence collection, fusion and analysis to assist governments and municipal and law enforcement entities address complex challenges.

MER Group’s intelligence solutions safeguard individuals, corporations and public institutions around the world from various threats. We have developed the most effective human, technological and intelligence-based solutions for each security challenge, seeking to save time, resources and – most importantly – human lives.

The MER philosophy and approach to security and safety is unique, effective and field-proven. We provide the ability to fuse the intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination with operational planning. These capabilities assist our clients to create and share actionable intelligence, which is essential to timely decision making. Our system of “applied intelligence” stresses collaboration, speed and responsiveness – all of which are essential for exploiting time-sensitive opportunities as they arise.

Our team harnesses decades of expertise in understanding the mind of terrorists to assess the risks, threats and vulnerabilities of each owner engagement. Through a culture of learning and self-improvement, we encourage our staff to continually enhance their knowledge, skills and professional expertise with internationally-recognized best practices and procedures.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, we provide clients with guidance on how to gather contextual information from multiple sources, including open sources, endpoints, DeepWeb and the Darknet. We also support analysis of intelligence knowledge and production of comprehensive and actionable reviews of relevant threats (including cyberthreats), thereby enabling our clients to transition their security strategy from reacting to breaches to pre-empting attacks. At the end of each project, the technologies and the protocols are turned over to the client, and MER returns only when invited to do, in order to update or adjust the methods implemented.

Intelligence organizations all over the world invest a lot of resources in the gathering and analysis of open-source intelligence in the service of national security. Our knowledge and propriety tools are aimed to enable private corporations and civilian organizations to have the same capabilities, leveraging open-source intelligence for the peace of mind of their employees and customers, or to get ahead of the competition.

The intelligence solutions offered by MER include:

  • Consulting and security engineering services.
  • Technologically-superior security and detection systems.
  • Data mining tools that utilize artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA) methodology, which provides sensible and commercially viable threat assessments.