Border Protection

MER Group tailors and implements holistic solutions for maintaining defensible borders and preventing penetration of external threats by land, air and sea.

Protecting borders from illegal crossings and smuggling is essential for homeland security, economic prosperity and territorial integrity.

MER Group has expertise in designing and deploying multi-layered border surveillance and protection management systems, which are tailored to each client’s specific needs.

MER provides a holistic, end-to-end border security solution; starting with a customized CONOPS (concept of operations), continuing with integration of a range of subsystems and state-of-the-art technology, and followed by training of personnel and ground-level support to ensure successful implementation.

MER has the know how to effectively implement perimeter surveillance covering up to thousands of kilometers (utilizing patrol drones, seismic sensors and video analytics systems, as well as behavior analysis algorithms based on machine learning) to gain real-time actionable insights and significantly improve the detection recognition and identification (DRI) rate, under all-weather conditions, day or night.

The border security solutions portfolio of MER includes command & control centers for border management based on Smart-M, a customizable platform (designed in-house) with advanced predictive, preventive and proactive capabilities that enables communication interoperability between various forces and units.

MER has world-leading capabilities in intelligence training and other highly specialized training programs for intelligence and law enforcement personnel, as part of MER Academy. These on-site training programs are tailored to the needs of clients and led by experts who have years of hands-on experience. We are highly experienced in guiding forces and agencies on how to identify border threats, produce relevant knowledge from raw data and devise intelligence-based solutions to ensure the highest possible level of security against criminal activities, terrorist attacks and natural disasters.