Armored Vehicle Communications – mVIS

More than  two decades of field operational experience has gone into our new generation armored vehicle and tank intercom systems, mVIS. mVIS is the next generation of military-grade communications systems for armored and command and control vehicles. The latest development in a line of products and solutions, mVIS leverages our extensive field experience and the most advanced technology in the field to provide clear and reliable communications tailored to the modern combat environment.

mVIS integrates existing communications solutions to create a unified tactical network.

  • Immediate operation — ready in just 3 seconds
  • Easy operation — simple and intuitive user interface
  • Audio feedback — enables blind operation
  • Versatile — multi-functional dual role operator units
  • Individual selection and control of working radios
  • Active noise cancellation capabilities
  • Unified internal and external networks
  • High redundancy dual-ring network architecture
  • Cyber-compliant —developed under cyber restrictions
  • Supports communication through slipring
  • Up to 16 simultaneous users and 8 radios
  • Scalable and flexible — adaptable to a wide range of platforms
  • Central feed and protected power supplies
  • Independent system — does not rely on external switches
  • Built-in audio recording for debriefing purposes
  • MIL qualified — MIL-STD-1275D, 461F,810F


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