Tactical Defense Communications

The most significant transformation of the modern battlefield, is its growing reliance on communications. The siloed nature of operational communications solutions, tends to create incompatibility between forces, units and divisions. However, operational requirements rely more than ever on transmitting and sharing information between systems, over a wide range of technological means. To resolve the conflict between technological and operational requirements, smart interoperability is required.

Battlefield as a “Communications Cloud”

Our tactical defense communications solutions provide land, naval and air forces, as well as command and control centers, the ability to distribute information, data and commands in real time, across different forces and communications platforms. This unique interoperability improves mission performance and results, while remaining completely transparent to soldiers, regardless of the end-point technology they are using.

This unification of the battlefield is made possible through an advanced IP-based communications standard called RoIP (Radio over IP). RoIP compliant systems are integrated in different combat platforms to support internal communications, group conference calls, radio communications, telephony, PA systems and more. These cross-platform communications create an encrypted, digital “communications cloud” that enables different forces to operate quickly and dynamically, with no communications limitations, providing a significant tactical advantage.



As a leading supplier of internal communications solutions and radio interfaces for the Merkava tank, we provide top-of-the-line, reliable internal and external communications systems for tactical and armored vehicles.

Our technology also provides Command & Control centers and mobile platforms with advanced interoperability and Radio Over IP (RoIP) capabilities, for managing and coordinating battlefield operations.


With vast experience serving the maritime environment, we have developed an IP-centric communications suite that leverages cutting edge technology, to provide crew members with on-demand access to a broad range of internal and external audio and data communications sources.

Our advanced maritime crew tracking and monitoring solution, provides emergency response and real-time situation awareness of all personnel throughout the vessel.


Our mission airborne communications solution provides cockpit and crew with secure communications, across multiple radio channels, and enables ground and maritime communications relay.

Our technology is also applicable for Air Traffic Control (ATC), air ports’ Command & Control centers, emergency response and air defense systems.




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