Risk assessments, consulting, manpower vetting, training, ongoing maintenance, even design and construction of physical sites, all play a major role in the success of any project. However, in the case of communications and security projects, acquiring these many services may complicate them beyond feasibility.

Holistic Approach to Problem Solving

The vast experience accumulated over nearly four decades of planning, developing and implementing a wide range of communications and security solutions, allows us to provide our clients not only with the most advanced solutions, but also assist them as they plan, execute and maintain them.

As part of our holistic approach, we’ve developed the entire range of professional services required to support the solutions we are engaged in, from strategic consulting, through HR vetting and recruitment, training, maintenance and support, to civil engineering.


Strategic Consulting

Whether you are looking for a broad strategic perspective or for a detailed site survey TVRA or risk assessment, our experts are happy to share their vast experience and methodological approach, and bring their expertise to every project.

HR Vetting & Recruitment

The personal integrity, skills and preparedness of your professional team is crucial to ongoing operations. Recruiting and vetting professional personnel requires knowledge and experience to ensure the right people are doing the right job. We work closely with our customers to develop job definitions, perform vetting and character assessment and find employees best suited to perform the task at hand.


Well-trained personnel are an inseparable part of the success of our projects. We leverage operational knowledge and experience accumulated over decades, to make sure that all professional employees are fully capable of executing their tasks, familiar with relevant best practices, and can perform effectively during routine or emergency situations.

Maintenance & Support

Ongoing service and maintenance are often as important as the initial setup of a project. However, maintaining complex systems that use a wide range of technologies requires expertise and extensive experience. Our maintenance and support services include preventive maintenance, problem resolution and periodical updates on an SLA basis for in-house, legacy or 3rd party systems.

Civil Engineering

From architectural site layout and structural steel design & detailing, to concrete foundations, our civil engineering department specializes in telecommunication infrastructures, and can deliver a fresh perspective to tower construction. With countless sites across the globe, we have also acquired experience in civil works and engineering in the areas of drainage, access roads, grounding and underground conduits.


Cellular Sites

Planning, building and commissioning of
cellular sites for Tier1 operators



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Fiber Optic Solutions

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