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Mobile Platforms


When responding to emergency situations, supporting ad-hoc operations and events, even establishing basic infrastructure in rural areas, one thing remains the same – communication is at the heart of everything you do, whether maintaining public safety or connecting remote population.

On-Site & In Action, Within Minutes

Our wide range of communications, Command & Control, surveillance and public safety mobile platform solutions is the result of extensive field experience implementing such solutions for a wide range of applications. This experience has taught us to assess and pre-empt the needs, so as to create tailored solutions suited to the exact requirements of the various platform operators.

As leading developers and integrators, we use the most advanced technologies and in-house products to create comprehensive end-to-end solutions, tailored to the user. These mobile platforms are based on an independent, multifunctional communications infrastructure, which enables a seamless flow of voice, data, images, videos and locations, for complete functionality. Through data fusion and real-time analytics, interoperability features, advanced network features, platform resilience (technology, power and crew), and the ability to connect to fixed infrastructures – our mobile platforms transform the way forces respond to emergency situations and maintain the peace.

Our Expertise


A complete, in-vehicle Command, Control & Communications solution, M-Trios can be launched on scene within minutes, to enable seamless, independent communications between all forces, improve emergency and rescue response efficiency, and upgrade SOPs.


Advanced mobile surveillance units linked to a central Command & Control Center, the M-Sentinel units support intelligence-coordinated patrols according to operational requirement, including day and night identification of security-related activities in various geographic locations. With independent energy supplies, the units can operate continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Designed to provide quick, convenient and cost-effective communications solutions, Cell on Wheels enable rapid deployment of mobile site in under two hours. The high-quality, self-maintained, on-demand nature of the solution positions Cell on Wheels as an optimal solution for temporary cellular sites in situations of special events, disaster areas, development areas etc.


Serving as a robust, mobile headquarters that can effectively replace or work alongside the stationary headquarters, our Mobile Command & Control solutions can be deployed on any terrain and move in the field with the armed forces as necessary. Based on containers, shelters or vehicles, for military and commercial uses, the Mobile Command & Control Centers can be fully customized and operate with both external and internal communications systems, as well as satellite links.


Implemented with police forces across the globe, the Smart Police Vehicles’ on-board communications, video and data systems transform police vehicles into mobile surveillance hubs, which can effectively detect and document crime, while capabilities such as LPR, GPS, CCTV, CAD and others, provide officers with new tools in their fight against crime


Smart Vehicles

Smart police vehicles in Argentina and Mexico



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