Homeland Security

Criminal activities, terrorist attacks and natural disasters can jeopardize the security of infrastructure, borders, ports, transportation and large-scale events.

These threats can materialize at any time or place, usually with no warning, yet governmentsmust always ensure the security of their assets.

The enormity of such a task requires a solution that has been proven in the most challenging environments, and the most complex regions of the world. Our tried and tested homeland security doctrines and best practices incorporate not only decades of hands-on security experience, but also leverage our communications and technological expertise. These combined abilities allow us to provide tailored, end-to-end solutions that range from Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA) to planning, implementation and training, ensuring the highest level of security, today and into the future.



Public Order. Technology.  Security. Sustainability. Economics. Globalization. These are just some of the challenges faced by municipalities, affecting aspects of city life such as public safety, economics, housing, culture, social and environmental conditions. Juggling all these elements requires a ‘safe’ and ‘smart’ solution that combines aspects of communications, command & control, sensors, biometrics, IT connectivity, cybersecurity and more, to help keep all the balls in the air.


The critical nature of infrastructures such as electricity, water and gas, positions them as both crucial for daily life, and as highly targeted facilities. Our multidisciplinary team of experts, brings rich, varied experience and a proven track record in securing a diverse range of assets, from a single facility to nationwide infrastructures. Our 360 Security Solution allows governments to protect their most critical infrastructures and secure the services society has grown so heavily dependent on.


With a proven track record of outstanding achievements across the globe, we are proud to be one of the world ’s leading aviation security providers, delivering the entire gamut of services required for securing such complex strategic facilities in face of constant threat. Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of aviation security, from operational methods, through all technological aspects, to the human factor.


The complex nature of seaports introduces countless security threats, ranging from physical intrusions, through operational disturbances, to illicit traffic of goods and robberies. In order to truly control the rapid movement of vessels and cargo and manage unforeseen events, a strategic approach and comprehensive solution are required.


Vandalism, passenger safety and mass acts of terror are all daily threats to public transportation and the people who rely on it. Securing such a highly populated, dynamic infrastructure is a delicate balancing act between security and operational requirements. We leverage our vast experience and holistic approach to create a comprehensive security operation, from strategy, through technology, to the people who operate it, while also ensuring passenger convenience.


Efficient border protection requires dynamic processing and mobility of people and goods, while ensuring security and preventing illegal activities across the border. The key to maintaining this fine balance lies in the smart integration of intelligence, physical and perimeter security, communications infrastructures and command and control centers, alongside seamless sharing of information between all relevant agencies.


Global conferences, sporting events, festivals, diplomatic delegations and other mega events pose major security challenges. The complex logistics involved in such events and the risks they entail, require a comprehensive security solution. Our experienced teams of security experts manage all aspects of securing mega events, from planning to installation and operation, based on proven methodologies and a wide range of advanced technologies.


A well-planned C&C center, set around Smart-M, our end-to-end Command & Control Management Platform, provides complete situational awareness and enables decision makers to make the right decision, quickly. Our top-to-bottom approach to C&C centers, stationary or mobile, ties together all physical and cyber security layers through well-planned and executed integration, to create an interconnected security environment that enables simple and intuitive event management for all levels of command.


Building owners and facility managers are constantly on the lookout for the most efficient ways to provide quality services to residents and visitors, while ensuring an economic, environmental and secure facility. We leverage the power of IoT to integrate and manage the different services provided in the facility, and deliver cost savings, seamless operations and new revenue generation opportunities.


The sensitive nature of these facilities requires a holistic security solution that covers both the entire venue – cells, blocks, yards and visiting quarters – and all the different populations that occupy it – prisoners, guards, visitors and suppliers. We specialize in creating layered solutions that combine different technologies, including cameras, sensors, jammers, phone interception devices and Command & Control centers, to create one secured facility.




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