Smart Campus

Building owners and facility managers are constantly on the look-out for the most efficient ways to provide quality services to residents and visitors, while ensuring an economic, environmental and secure facility.

We leverage the power of IoT to integrate and manage the different services provided in the facility, and deliver cost savings, seamless operations and new revenue generation opportunities. Through smart deployment, we connect the many systems and sensors that provide smart building services, including climate control, lighting, power distribution, utilities, communications, energy management, fault detection, maintenance and alert management, as well as cyber and security solutions, to our central management platform, to provide significant operational benefits and savings.

With vast experience implementing smart facilities that range from a single building, to campuses and even entire cities, we have witnessed the transformation of properties into smart building that quickly provide an improved, safer experience for residents and visitors, while showing fast ROI with up to 40% savings. In order to deliver such results, our solutions cover all aspects of the project, from design and planning, to implementation, training and ongoing maintenance.




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Future Proof

Fiber Optic Solutions

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