Smart Command & Control Centers

With the abundance of sensors, physical security solutions, cyber & intelligence data, today's greatest security challenge is not visibility, but rather clarity. A well-planned Command & Control Center, set around Smart-M, our end-to-end Command & Control Management Platform that provides a security layer atop physical and cybersecurity solutions, provides complete situational awareness and enables decision makers to make the right decision, quickly.

Our top-to-bottom approach to C&C centers, stationary or mobile, begins with the planning and design in accordance with specific requirements and industry standards, and continues through procurement and manufacturing of in-house components, systems deployment, multi-system integration and ongoing management and support.

When all the ends are tied together through well-planned and executed integration, an interconnected security environment is created, that enables simple and intuitive event management for all levels of command, as well as alerting, investigation and analysis capabilities. These provide planning and preparation tools, immediate situational awareness, and efficient actionable insight for quick response.




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