Role of Intelligence in Border Security

Preventing strategic border surprises and implementing effective border solutions through proper risk assessments.

While physical barriers, multi-sensors, radars and Command & Control Centers are essential for border security, they are not sufficient to secure a border.

In over two decades of securing borders in Israel and worldwide, MER Group has developed a multi-layered border protection approach that includes proactive intelligence gathering. Collection, fusion and analysis of intelligence has become a vital component of our border protection strategy because it is essential for improving the situational awareness of border protection units and providing timely, decisive insights.

MER’s intelligence training programs were designed by prominent Israeli security experts. Our expertise is in guiding border protection units on how to prevent strategic surprises, assess risks and implement effective solutions. We enable a higher detection rate of border incidents and responses that are more effective.

Amid increasingly sophisticated border threats, MER Group is committed to protect and preserve the security and safety of societies worldwide by providing highest-quality training on intelligence for all border protection stakeholders, including police officers, government agents, special operation units, intelligence and counterintelligence personnel, private security firms, technology and equipment operators and other professionals.

Through in-class lectures, field exercises and hands-on simulations, our training solutions provide security professionals with the expertise required to prevent and confront border threats as they arise. Our step-by-step knowledge acquisition system assures correct judgments and tactical responses when it counts most.


MER Group training for police units who are responsible for securing border areas in Campeche, Mexico.