Protecting International Organizations

360° security for compounds of non-governmental organizations in unsafe locations worldwide.

Many large international organizations operate in unsafe locations, where they are under threat of attacks by violent extremist groups.

To fulfill their mission in such dangerous locations, international organizations need to have a secure compound, in which they receive sufficient warning during unexpected incidents, such as ground attacks (infiltration) or aerial attacks (by drones or rocket launchers).

In recent years, MER Group has been providing large international organizations in several locations worldwide with holistic security solutions, including warning and observation systems that monitor the peripheral environment of the area of ​​interest. Our solutions provide 360° perimeter protection, covering an area of up to 60 kilometers away from the permanent or temporary compound.

Building on decades of experience in securing critical infrastructure in Israel and worldwide, MER Group utilizes the most advanced technologies to create innovative security and warning systems. The following are some of the systems MER Group utilizes in its site/compound security projects:

  • PID: Perimeter Surveillance and Intrusion Detection system
  • EOS: Visual Detection and Identification system based on long-range cameras
  • IFSWS: Indirect Fire Sense and Warning system
  • UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system
  • ACS: Access Control and Security system
  • GSR: Ground Surveillance Radar
  • C-UAS: Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System

The inputs from all of these systems are funneled in real time to a fusion system that sits at the heart of the local command & control center. The fusion system fuses sensory outputs and other data sources to extract actionable insights for effective real-time decision.

MER Group’s fusion system, which has been operational for over 20 years and is constantly updated in correlation with advancing technologies, provides operators of command & control centers with complete visibility and situational awareness, enabling them to provide clear and valuable information to operational units.