Command & Control Platform

Smart-M is a top-of-the-line Command & Control Management Platform that provides a security layer atop the disparate physical and cyber security sensors, cameras, systems and feeds. Smart-M integrates and fuses all security measures into a single interconnected management platform, providing complete visibility of the site and event, and enabling smart decision making and fast, efficient response.

Created by security experts and adapted to the ‘Smart’ environment, Smart-M has been operational for over 20 years, and constantly reinvented in correlation with advancing technologies and the changing security landscape.

Smart M at a Glance

  • Wide range data fusion
  • Comprehensive, real time situational awareness
  • Smart decision-making
  • Simple and intuitive event management
  • Imbedded operating procedures
  • GIS-based interface
  • Graphic presentation and data visualization
  • Reporting tools and full audit trail
  • Big data business intelligence (BI)

Any Source. Any Data Type. Any User.

A truly integrative platform, Smart-M easily integrates with any source and data type, to provide a single, unified view and tight control of the secured area. Created to supporting the entire chain of command, Smart-M is managed through a simple and intuitive dashboard, that provides any level user with immediate situational awareness and all the tools required to manage any event.




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