End-to-End, Enterprise-Level
Intelligence Platform

Knowledge Is Key

Organizations are bombarded with data to the point that they are unable to analyze, fuse, and investigate the huge volumes they accumulate.
By collecting data from all sources, in all formats, and using proprietary algorithms to analyze and fuse it into a single intelligence overview, SAIP maximizes the insights organizations derive from their collected data. These insights can then be quickly translated into actions, allowing relevant stakeholders to react to potential threats before they are realized.

SAIP at a Glance​

  • Effective and accurate investigation tool
  • High-rate collection capabilities
  • Any source, any format, any language
  • All source data fusion, providing one coherent set of insights
  • Case Management
  • Sophisticated collectors
  • Connection to internal and external databases
  • Advanced investigation capabilities
  • Contextual narrative analysis (developed by domain experts)
  • Powerful analysis tools
  • Reporting and distribution
  • Scalable and flexible, adaptable to future requirements

Closing the Loop on Enterprise Intelligence

Using sophisticated collectors tailored for customers’ needs and environments, SAIP Intelligence Platform collects only relevant and accurate data from multiple sources (including OSINT, IMINT, HUMINT, SIGINT, DB, sensors and more), in various formats and languages. Once collected, this data undergoes further examination using a comprehensive investigation toolset that enables entity extraction, in-depth examination and monitoring of targets, visualization of the nature of their relationships with other potential targets, and pre-defined alerts. The investigation process can be summarized into a thorough report, which can then be distributed to any relevant stakeholder.




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