Incident response mobile command,

control & communications platform

Seamless, fast and reliable communications in emergency situations can help save lives.
At MER, we make it our priority to provide emergency rescue teams with cutting-edge technology that deeply improves their response efficiency.

M-Trios is a complete, in-vehicle Command, Control & Communications solution that can be launched on scene within minutes, to enable seamless, independent communications between all forces.

M Trios at a Glance

  • Complete, in-vehicle Command, Control & Communications solution
  • Fast deployment – fully functional within minutes
  • Flexible, customizable, scalable and expandable
  • Tactical system – developed for field operations and ruggedized for military applications
  • Independent communications – self-contained, private and secured LTE network with a satellite backhaul
  • Seamless communications
  • Interoperability between different communication assets
  • Dedicated mobile devices and apps

On the Ground With You

M-Trios is the result of extensive field experience implementing communications and Command & Control solutions on a wide range of platforms. This experience has taught us to assess and pre-empt the needs of security and rescue forces in immediate response situations, and create a tailored solution suited to their exact needs. M-Trios can be used for mega events, disaster response, crowd management and riot control, search & rescue operations, as well as for routine operations of law enforcement and public safety services, fire department, Red Cross, special ops, military and anti-terrorist operations, and more.



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