Telecom Towers

Telecom Towers

Manufacturing with a heart

For nearly four decades, MER has been internationally recognized for its wide range of telecom towers used for cellular communications, radio, radar, rural and mobile sites, and microwave links. Outstanding quality, sturdy construction and advanced designs suited to a wide range of demanding applications, are just a few of the qualities that have positioned our towers as market leading products.

Telecom Towers at a Glance

  • World-renowned telecom towers
  • Large-scale, state-of-the-art, in-house manufacturing across several international locations
  • Outstanding quality – ISO 9001. 14001, 18001
  • Advanced designs suited to a wide range of demanding applications
  • Pre-designed or tailored
  • Complete service range, including civil engineering, site control & management, and telecom network services
  • Upholding the strictest global building and safety standards
  • Quick and simple installation

Towering Above the Rest

Pre-designed or tailored, our self-supporting telecom towers and monopoles meet the strictest global building and safety standards, and offer supreme durability (up to -40°C), as well as quick and simple installation. With large-scale, in-house manufacturing, we are able to supply our entire range of standard tower designs within unparalleled time frames, including diverse sizes (from 3 to 140 meters) and configurations (3 legs, 4 legs, guyed masts, monopoles and roof top solutions).

Manufacturing with Heart

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are fully equipped to fabricate steel products at the highest levels of quality, using the most advanced techniques, including robotic welding, plasma cutting and CNC machining.

Top-to-Bottom Service

Due to the complex nature of telecom tower projects, our holistic solution includes all aspects of:

  • Civil Engineering – from design & detailing, through architectural site layout, to concrete foundations and complete site construction
  • Site Optimization – planning and implementation of hybrid sites, incorporating solar energy and electricity for cost effective energy consumption
  • Site Control & Management – ongoing monitoring that reduces maintenance costs and improves services to end-users
  • Telecom Network Services – network planning and design, optimization, management, operational support and installation services, for effective implementation and maximal coverage


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