Open Source Collection and Analysis Solution

As the world races forward creating vast amounts of data, illegal, even terrorist activities blend in amongst the zettabytes. To find them, we need to collect the different signs they leave behind and connect them into a coherent intelligence picture. OSCAR, an open source collection and analysis solution, helps agencies and organizations find persons of interest and assess their risk level to prevent the threat before it is realized.

Based on advanced proprietary algorithms, OSCAR collects and analyzes multilingual data from text & images, websites, social media, darknet and more, to produce a complete intelligence report that includes a comprehensive profile overview and scaled risk analysis.

OSCAR at a Glance

  • High-rate open source collection capabilities (including darknet)
  • Bottom line oriented, providing actionable insights
  • Full automation
  • Targeted, Leadless, Multiple Targets and Contextual search options
  • Contextual narrative analysis (developed by domain experts)
  • Powerful analysis tools
  • Face recognition
  • Dynamic profile discovery
  • 360° Profile Overview report with total risk score
  • Fast implementation, operation in minimal time
  • Simple and intuitive user interface

Only True Leads and Real Targets

Based on the groundbreaking contextual narrative methodology, OSCAR provides four analysis processes to extract only relevant and accurate data. These include the Targeted Search, for conducting a thorough examination of any target according to relevant contextual narratives, Leadless Search, for discovering new leads in a predefined group according to relevant contextual narratives, Multiple Search, for assessing multiple targets simultaneously, and the Contextual Search, for discovering target-related web content. Once target is detected, a full 360° Profile Overview is generated, and a total risk score is assigned, providing immediate actionable insights.

The Secret Ingredient

The contextual narrative leverages the field experience of domain experts, to create a context-based lexicon of a particular domain of interest (local organized crime, terrorist cells, drug trafficking, money laundering operations etc.). A smart compilation of concepts, phrases, definitions, symbols and cultural-based terminology, the contextual narrative enables the identification of the people, organizations and communication methods used to support hostile and illegal activities.


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