Maritime Crew Tacking and

Monitoring Solutions

Protecting Crew Members' Lives at Sea

With emergency situations, work-related injuries, handling of hazardous materials, even falling overboard, vessels create dangerous work environments, placing crew members' health and safety at risk daily. These risks are amplified when crew members work in isolated areas of the vessel.

mGuard is an advanced emergency response and real-time situation awareness solution for tracking and monitoring personnel throughout the vessel, even in places where satellite coverage, GPS and mobile networks are unavailable.

Through dispersed transceivers that provide seamless RF coverage across the vessel, and a monitoring wristband worn by every crew member onboard, mGuard monitors and tracks all crew activity and provides exact, actionable alerts upon any sign of distress.

mGuard at a Glance

  • Comprehensive crew safety situational awareness
  • Tracking and monitoring of isolated personnel throughout the vessel
  • Real-time position and status updates on all crew members
  • Multiple distress indicators, including “Man Overboard” and “Man Down”
  • “Head Count” query for immediate status report
  • Self-activated alerts through a “panic button”
  • Easy to use with minimal user interaction
  • An independent, self-contained RF network
  • Interfaces with 3rd party applications
  • Military-grade, environmental resistant hardware

Innovative, Secure, Integrated

Based on proven technology adapted to the maritime environment, mGuard’s seamless communications is achieved through the installation of RF Choke Points (access points) in all vessel compartments. These 2-way, low frequency RF transmitters provide high performance and proven reliability as they communicate with all mTracker monitoring wristbands. At first sign of distress, the Choke Points send real time alerts to the command console, as well as local audio and visual alerts.

The light-weight, wearable mTracker, continuously monitors crew members’ physical state for signs of injury and prolonged inactivity, allowing the mGuard Central Command and Display application to monitor and document all activities aboard the vessel and alert relevant personnel in an emergency situation. All data is mapped, stored and accessible at any time, providing decision makers with a clear visualization of the situation.

The scalable solution can be customized to patrol boats, corvettes, frigates and destroyers, and can be tailored to any customer requirement.

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