Maritime Communications

Management System

MER offers a scalable and modular communication suite for all onboard communications that can be customized to any naval platform, from small offshore patrol vessels through corvettes, frigates and submarines. MER’s Maritime Communications Management System (mCMS) system is an integrated inbound (external) and outbound (external) system which provides a voice distribution sub-system of multiple radio types and wide spectrum of audio access devices. The array of radios is controlled and routed to the internal tactical communication network and provide commanders and crew with the capabilities to use each of the communication assets simultaneously, tailored to each user’s operational needs. TechMer’s advanced communications solutions include:

mCMS at a Glance​

  • Integrated communication system
  • Public address system
  • Telephone system
  • Damage control network
  • Satellite communications
  • Recording & debriefing
  • RF Distributed Unit (RFDU)

Unified Communications for Successful Operations

Through simple network architecture, mCMS unifies and optimizes the various communications channels and provides full interoperability between the different networks. At the heart of the solution, the Radio Control Gateway (RCGW) integrates all transceivers, public address systems, SATCOM communications and more. These communications assets are controlled and routed through the internal tactical communications network, to provide commanders and crew member with seamless communications across the vessel.

The LAN Switch Power Distribution Units (LSPDU) provide unified LAN and power to all crew communication terminals, simplifying network deployment and allowing Voice Terminals (VT) to distribute real-time, multi-channel, full-duplex VoIP communications via LAN.

The solution is scalable and can be customized to patrol boats, corvettes, frigates and destroyers. It can also be tailored to specific customer requirements.


OPV communication suite
for 12 Off-shore Patrol Vessels
Full Corvette internal
and external communication suite
Multi-vessel,cloud-based encrypted
communications over satellit
encrypted communications
over satellite
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