City Lighting, Towards a Smart City

Reducing power consumption, improving safety and quality of life, and extending the service offering to residents in cities  today, these are priorities of municipalities around the world. MER’s M-Lights is a tool that enables the optimization of city lighting to make those priorities a reality.

An advanced solution for optimizing city lighting, M-Lights allow municipalities to upgrade their streetlight infrastructure and save energy, while monetizing the light poles and providing a wide range of unique benefits for both their residents and business partners.

M-Light at a Glance

  • Reduce light-related power consumption by up to 70%
  • Reduce crime and violence by lighting up the streets
  • Monetize existing infrastructure and increase municipal revenues
  • Take an important step towards becoming a smart-city
  • Improve municipal communications (public announcements, information and instruction in emergency situations etc.)
  • Provide residents with smart-city services (public WiFi, public messaging, etc.)
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A Top-to-Bottom Service

Our holistic solution includes all aspects of:
Partnerships – Leveraging our vast network of contacts in both municipal institutions and telecom companies, we create the partnerships that make the project feasible.
Strategic Planning & Execution – Our team designs and plans the entire city lighting upgrade project, to ensure seamless execution.
Optimization – Our experts provide recommendations to ensure optimal monetization of existing infrastructure and increased revenues.
With MER as a strategic partner, municipalities gain a complete, holistic and tailored solution, which easily integrates with existing infrastructure and includes all relevant products, technologies and services.

This end-to-end solution is an important step towards a smart city. It provides the municipality with the infrastructure for many further applications, such as public WiFi and a 4G/5G platform for communicating directly to city residents, resulting in better public service and a popular public choice.