Complete LTE Network in a Box

CellBOX is a compact LTE Network-in-a-Box (NIB) that provides fully-independent, high-speed broadband communications. Designed as an advanced tactical communications solution, CellBOX is lightweight and easily deployable, creating a secured network within seconds.

CellBox at a Glance

  • Complete, independent LTE network
  • Lightweight, single-button operation
  • Advanced communications and situation awareness applications
  • Secure and encrypted communications
  • Supports up to 256 active users
  • Supports various standard LTE bands
  • Ruggedized packaging
  • Compatible with standard smartphones, tablets and dongles
  • 3G/4G or SAT backhauling options
  • Built-in interoperability with legacy radio systems


CellBOX is part of an advanced, field-proven product line. Operated through a simple and intuitive user interface and compatible with any endpoint device (smartphones, tablets and dongles), CellBOX provides a wide range of applications, including PTT (Push-to-Talk), file and image sharing, Bi-directional, HD video sharing, chat and GPS positioning. Customizable and available in various configurations, the network also supports secure and encrypted interoperability with other communications platforms, situational awareness, connectivity to various sensors (CCTVs, drones, environmental sensors and more), and includes various backhauling capabilities; enabling personnel to focus on their mission, improves operational efficiency and saves lives.