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 HLS & Cyber

MER Group, a proud Diamond Sponsor, will exhibit at HLS & CYBER 2018. Our exhibits will include a range of demos of our HLS & Cyber solutions. Visit us at booth 5S or better yet, click on the button below to set-up a meeting.

3 reglas básicas de ciberseguridad para mantener a su compañía segura – Consejos de nuestros expertos

Creating a Smarter Future Connecting the Dots Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Skype WhatsApp Email La ciberseguridad no es solamente cuestión de comprar productos de seguridad de TI costosos. Siendo una compañía global, todos los días conocemos empresas de todos los tamaños: desde pequeñas hasta grandes. Sorprendentemente, aunque todas tienen productos de seguridad incorporados en sus sistemas,…
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TechMER, a member of the MER Group, launched its new Modular Vehicle Intercom System (mVIS) for armored vehicles, at ISDEF 2019

TechMER’s innovative RoIP integrated communications system enables smarter, more effective use of ACV communications systems and new operational capabilities, supporting the modern battlefield’s tactical communications requirements, by enabling connectivity across the various ground forces, under the command and control of headquarters and rear command posts.

Independent LTE Networks Can Save Lives

Since September 11, 2001 tragic day, municipal authorities and search & rescue around the world have been working together to boost urban defense networks and improve tactical communication and interoperability among first responders in times of emergency

ISDEF 2019

MER will launch its newest Modular Vehicle Intercom System at ISDEF 2019. Come meet us!

כמו להגן על הבלון מהסיכה”: איך מאבטחים אירועי ענק”

למרות האתגר העצום הטמון בכך, הוכח שניתן לעבור בשלום מגה-אירועים בינלאומיים ומתוקשרים בישראל. מה צריכה תוכנית אבטחה לאירוע כזה לכלול? איך טכנולוגיות העיר החכמה יכולות לעזור? והיכן ניתן למנף את יישומי ה-IoT?
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