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TechMER, a member of the MER Group, launched its new Modular Vehicle Intercom System (mVIS) for armored vehicles, at ISDEF 2019

TechMER’s innovative RoIP integrated communications system enables smarter, more effective use of ACV communications systems and new operational capabilities, supporting the modern battlefield’s tactical communications requirements, by enabling connectivity across the various ground forces, under the command and control of headquarters and rear command posts.
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כמו להגן על הבלון מהסיכה: איך מאבטחים אירועי ענק

למרות האתגר העצום הטמון בכך, הוכח שניתן לעבור בשלום מגה-אירועים בינלאומיים ומתוקשרים בישראל. מה צריכה תוכנית אבטחה לאירוע כזה לכלול? איך טכנולוגיות העיר החכמה יכולות לעזור? והיכן ניתן למנף את יישומי ה-IoT?
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הביג דאטה משנה את כל התמונה

מגמת הערים החכמות היא הדבר הטוב ביותר שקרה לאיכות חייהם ובטיחותם של תושביהן. הרשויות משתמשות בנתונים הנאספים על ידי תשתיות והתקני העיר-החכמה לייעול התהליכים העירוניים. לפי משה צמיר, מנכ"ל מר ישראל מקבוצת MER, הבשורה הטובה היא שהטכנולוגיה כבר כאן. ראיון מיוחד
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The Dark Side of Digitalization

Digitization has become a permanent fixture of modern life, expanding into almost all facets of industries and organizations. Now, governments find themselves needing to follow suit. Citizens expect their governments to adopt and implement technologies consistent with those they have become accustomed to when dealing with their bank or while grocery shopping online.
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The Cyber Threat to Japan and the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo

In recent years, Japan has become a major target for cybercriminals, falling victim to multiple attacks, many of which resulted in huge loss of data, leaked information and serious damage to organizations’ finances and security status. The businesses targeted cross a broad range of segments from chemical, satellite, medical and food to automotive, communications, energy and finance. Among the most prominent cyber incidents
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The GDPR – Forget Everything You Knew About Data Protection

On April 2016, the EU parliament approved the new regulation, replacing the current directive, according to which businesses have been operating for the past 20 years. Organisations that work with or process EU residents` data were given a two-year transition period to plan for and implement the necessary changes to their daily processes and policies. This two years period is about to end.
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 HLS & Cyber

MER Group, a proud Diamond Sponsor, will exhibit at HLS & CYBER 2018. Our exhibits will include a range of demos of our HLS & Cyber solutions. Visit us at booth 5S or better yet, click on the button below to set-up a meeting.
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