Management Platform for Cities

Enabling maximum situational awareness for fast municipal decision making and effective responses.
Data collection and graphics by the World Economic Forum.

The share of global population living in cities is much higher than it was in 1950, particularly in Africa and Asia.

This rapid growth of the urban population is creating complex challenges for municipalities and governments, in areas such as security, transportation and waste collection.

To address the complex challenges caused by rapid urbanization, emerged the Smart City paradigm, which refers to the integration and utilization of information and communication technologies in the urban environment.

A Smart City is an environment that uses innovative technologies to turn data into collective knowledge, in order to make municipal operations and services more flexible and effective – for the benefit of residents.

MER Group’s Solution

Smart-M for municipalities, designed in-house at the MER innovation lab, is a data fusion system that enables effective management of urban spaces.

Smart-M gathers inputs from cameras, sensors, IoT applications and other sources throughout the city into a single interconnected platform, to enable complete situational awareness, smart decision making and fast, efficient responses.

Using the Smart-M management platform, with its built-in GIS (Geographic Information System) and its predictive, preventive and proactive capabilities, cities are able to address numerous security and safety challenges, both in routine and in emergencies.

Customizable and Field-Proven

The Smart-M platform is based on open architecture, allowing it to integrate swiftly in an existing command & control center and be customized to local needs.

MER has implemented Smart-M successfully in command & control centers of cities and critical infrastructure sites worldwide, including Jerusalem’s Old City, Ramon International Airport, Buenos Aires, the Israeli Parliament and in Athens for the 2004 Olympic Games.

Rishon Letzion, Israel
Dominican Republic
Trinidad and Tobago
Jerusalem’s Old City
Leon, Mexico
Buenos Aires, Argentina