LTE Network for Emergency Management

MER Group's innovative CellBOX has a crucial role to play in emergency situations.

CellBOX, which MER Group developed in-house, is a compact “Network-in-a-Box” that provides fully independent high-speed broadband communications during large disasters and incidents where the existing communications infrastructure failed.

Following large earthquakes, floods and terror attacks, when communication infrastructure is unavailable, damaged or completely down, CellBOX enables first responders – such as police, firefighters and emergency medical service providers – to quickly establish independent high-speed networks and then broadcast live video feed from the field to various command posts, transfer pictures, identify locations of crewmembers and conduct video conferences.

Designed as an advanced tactical communications solution, the CellBOX is lightweight and easily deployable. It is operated through a simple and intuitive user interface and it is compatible with any endpoint device, including smartphones, tablets and dongles. Customizable and available in various configurations, the CellBOX also supports secure interoperability between different communications platforms and forces, and includes various backhauling capabilities.

CellBOX enables rescue forces and other relevant personnel to focus on their mission, improves operational efficiency and saves lives.