With nearly four decades of serving the telecom industry across the world, we have been supporting the changing ecosystem and evolving requirements of operators, service providers and infrastructure companies through one of the most rapid and dynamic periods any industry has seen. Looking to the future, we have created the perfect solutions package to carry the industry into its 'Smart' era.


With extensive global spread and international recognition for our wide range of communications infrastructure solutions, which include wireless solutions, telecom towers, fiber optics, in-building radio and LTE, our offering is always innovative and in line with the latest trends.
Alongside our rich wireless and broadband infrastructure portfolio, our diverse and unique variety of telecom towers used for cellular communications, radio, radar, rural and mobile sites, and microwave links, is renowned for its outstanding quality, sturdy construction and advanced designs.

Smart & Secure

As the telecom industry moves into the 'smart' domain, we offer unique solutions that transform communications infrastructures to smart networks. From command & control platforms, through cyber solutions and smart city lighting, to training services, we bring a fresh and holistic approach to this evolving field.


Safe & Smart City


Homeland Security

Cyber &




Implementation of a 500 km

aerial fiber optics backbone in Zambia

Planning, building and commissioning

of cellular sites for Tier1 operators

Intelligence Solution for a private

telecom company in Central America

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Future Proof

Fiber Optic Solutions

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