Police & First Responders

Mass accident, natural disaster, terror scene; whatever the emergency, one thing remains the same - on-the-ground forces and top-level command are all required to make split-second decisions that make the difference between life and death.
In order to support them in their mission, we have created a complete communications and situational awareness & management suite that provides police forces and first responders with all the tools they require.

Because Continuous Communications is Key

Our tailored solutions provide forces with the most critical element in any situation – continuous communications. With an independent high-speed LTE network (CellBOX) and seamless interoperability between LTE, telephony, public cellular, radio, satellite and intercom networks (mACS), on-the-ground forces are able to coordinate and cooperate in order to provide the most efficient response to any situation. Additionally, the ability to communicate with the public (VivAlert), introduces significant advantages in managing civilians during emergency situations.

Situational Awareness is the Name of the Game

Our top-to-bottom approach to command and control centers, stationary or mobile, creates an interconnected security environment that enables simple and intuitive event management for all levels of command. Additionally, a well-planned command and control center provides planning, alerting, investigation and analysis capabilities, alongside immediate situational awareness, and efficient actionable insight for quick decision making and response.
As forces, scenarios and operational concepts vary, our products and solutions are all scalable, highly flexible, and can be tailored to any operational structure and scenario.


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