Financial Institutions

Know Your Customer

Financial instability, litigation, money laundering, criminal activities, even terror financing are just a few of the threats faced by financial institutions as they become involved with new customers.
We understand that it pays to be discerning and have created tools that help financial institutions make insightful decisions by performing thorough due diligence. Based on state-of-the-art collection, analysis and investigation tools, we help financial institutions acquire, process and analyze relevant applicant-related information, accurately and quickly, and provide fast, reliable and actionable results. These tools support decision-making processes to protect the reputation and investment of financial institutions, while complying with legislation and regulations.

Protect Your Assets

Theft of funds, proprietary data, customers information and other large-scale attacks that often carry heavy financial and operational implications, are the daily reality of financial organizations throughout the world.
Being amongst the most heavily targeted organizations, financial institutions require a comprehensive solution that will protect them today and into the future. Led by a team of world experts, MER cyber solutions cover the entire range of cyber-related products and services, including cyberthreat intelligence, agentless endpoint visibility and remediation, cybertraining, establishment of a Cybersecurity Operation Center (CSOC), and Managed Security Services (MSS).



Cyber &



Cyber gap analysis and recommendations

for public financial institution in Central America

Cyber security and fraud prevention

for a governmental financial institution in Central America

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