Intelligence Agencies

As the world races forward creating vast amounts of data across various channels, our ability and resources for collecting and analyzing this data are stretched thin; while the answers that may help us protect the people and assets we are responsible for, lie uncovered amongst the zettabytes.

A Complete Range of Cyber & Intelligence Solutions

Made up of world experts with vast field experience, many of whom have grown from within the Israeli cyber ecosystem and intelligence community, MER cyber & Intelligence solutions cover the entire range of related products and services.

Intelligence Solutions

Our range of state-of-the-art collection, analysis and investigation tools leverage information from databases, websites, social media, darknet and more, to help agencies and organizations find persons of interest and assess their risk level, to prevent the threat before it is realized. With a deep understanding of the nature, constraints and implications of intelligence work, we have created tools and methodologies applicable to any investigation scenario from Targeted Search, for conducting a thorough examination of a specific target, through Leadless Search, for discovering new leads in a predefined group, Multiple Search, for assessing multiple targets simultaneously, to the Contextual Search, for discovering target-related web content.

Cyber Solutions

Combining cutting-edge technology and top-level expertise, our threat intelligence team is made up of cyber experts and intelligence analysts, who gather information from multiple sources (including darknet), to deliver a comprehensive and relevant review of the cyber threats faced by the organization. We also offer a wide variety of training solutions, led by top cyber experts, which include management seminars, hands-on cyber security training using simulations, digital forensic, threat hunting, cyber intelligence courses and many more, all with the aim of helping organizations truly secure their assets.


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Data analysis, fusion and investigation
for a financial intelligence agency in Europe
Data analysis, fusion and investigation
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